How do you fly into Gatlinburg?

How do you fly into Gatlinburg?

Situated 12 miles south of Knoxville, TN, McGhee Tyson Airport is the closest airport to the Smoky Mountains. Without traffic, the drive from McGhee Tyson to downtown Gatlinburg is about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

What is the closest airport to Smoky Mountains?

McGhee Tyson
Getting Around Great Smoky Mountains National Park On the Tennessee side, the nearest airport – less than 25 miles west of the park – is McGhee Tyson (TYS) just south of Knoxville.

What is the best time of year to go to the Smoky Mountains?

The best times to visit Great Smoky Mountains National Park are the summer (June, July and August) and the fall. July is the busiest month of the summer season while October weekends draw those in search of autumn foliage.

How far is Gatlinburg from Pigeon Forge?

4 miles
Luckily, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are only 4 miles away from each other. No matter where you choose to rent your cabin, you’ll be close to the best sights in the Smokies.

What is the closest Amtrak station to Gatlinburg TN?

PLACES NEAR Gatlinburg, TN WITH amtrak station

  • Pigeon Forge (9 miles)
  • Elkmont (9 miles)
  • Greenbrier (12 miles)

    Are mosquitoes bad in the Smoky Mountains?

    neither mosquitos nor ticks are really a problem in the Smokies.

    How much does it cost to get into Great Smoky Mountains National Park?

    Entrance to Great Smoky Mountains National Park is free! Entrance to Great Smoky Mountains National Park is free. The park is one of the few national parks where no entrance fees are charged.

    Which is the best airport to fly to from Gatlinburg TN?

    Other Airports Near Gatlinburg. While McGhee Tyson is definitely the most convenient airport near Gatlinburg TN, you may be able to find a cheaper flight (or a flight with fewer stops) at another airport in the area.

    Which is the closest airport to Gatlinburg Townsend?

    McGhee Tyson is Knoxville’s airport, but for all intents and purposes, it is located in Alcoa in nearby Blount County. You can be in Townsend from the airport in less than half an hour and Pigeon Forge in an hour. It will take just a little over an hour to get to Gatlinburg.

    Where to rent a car in Gatlinburg TN?

    Fortunately, there are a number of name-brand car rental companies like Hertz and Enterprise right at McGhee Tyson Airport. Visitors who decide not to rent a car will have a number of ways to get from McGhee Tyson Airport to Gatlinburg. Both Uber and Lyft have drivers that frequent the airport.

    How long does it take to get from Gatlinburg to Atlanta?

    Other nearby airports include Asheville (AVL) (58.3 miles), Greenville/Spartanburg (GSP) (93 miles), Charlotte (CLT) (149.2 miles) and Atlanta (ATL) (153.7 miles). How long does it take to get to Gatlinburg from the Airport? It takes 9h 18m to get from Gatlinburg to Atlanta (ATL) Airport. How do I get to Gatlinburg?

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