How did Lewis and Clark measure longitude and latitude?

How did Lewis and Clark measure longitude and latitude?

The Lewis and Clark expedition utilized a number of navigational tools that were common in their day. Ascertaining latitude and longitude was accomplished using a sextant, and octant, a chronometer, and several types of artificial horizons.

How did the Lewis and Clark expedition travel?

On May 14, 1804, Clark and the Corps joined Lewis in St. Charles, Missouri and headed upstream on the Missouri River in the keelboat and two smaller boats at a rate of about 15 miles per day. Heat, swarms of insects and strong river currents made the trip arduous at best.

What tools did Lewis and Clark use to make maps?

Sextant, pocket compass, and telescope. The daily practice of making celestial observations and complicated mathematical calculations to measure the angle of the sun from the horizon was tedious and required skill, which both Lewis and Clark learned to do.

How did William Clark measure the Falls of Missouri?

At the Great Falls of the Missouri River Clark, took time to measure the falls (fig. Clark made the original horizontal measurements in poles (16.5 feet) and the vertical measure- ments in feet. These have been plotted to show the profile of the Great Falls in 1805.

What dangers did the expedition face along the way?

They included terrible injuries and illnesses, and they also experienced fatigue, weariness, and coldness. They suffered from sicknesses, broken bones, coldness, and depression. Although many of these were hard to endure, only one person died throughout the whole journey.

What was Sacagawea’s main role supposed to be?

So why is Sacagawea an important American to know? She was instrumental in the Lewis & Clark Expedition as a guide as they explored the western lands of the United States. Her presence as a woman helped dispel notions to the Native tribes that they were coming to conquer and confirmed the peacefulness of their mission.

What did Lewis and Clark need to get across the Continental Divide?

Lewis and Clark finished the eventful day plotting strategy for crossing the Continental Divide and finding western waters. Their plan called for Clark, Charbonneau, Sacagawea, and eleven men to cross the divide and follow the Lemhi River. Clark and his men were to reconnoiter possible water routes to the Columbia.

How long did Lewis and Clark stay at the Great Falls?

one month
The Lewis and Clark expedition spent more than one month portaging around a series of waterfalls on the Missouri River.

How many miles did Lewis and Clark travel each day?

How far did Lewis and Clark travel each day? The expedition traveled over 8000 total miles over a period of 2 years, 4 months and 10 days. When the expedition reached the Pacific, Clark estimates they have traveled 4,162 miles from the mouth of the Missouri to the Pacific. His guess was within 40 miles of the actual distance.

How did Lewis and Clark determine their latitude?

The explorers were more successful determining latitude, which involves measuring the angle of the moon and a star with an instrument called an octant. Latitude was usually determined for each camp site. Other instruments that the explorers used in celestial observation were the sextant and artificial horizon.

What was the daily routine of Lewis and Clark?

Both Lewis and Clark were reasonably proficient in the use of these instruments and for 28 months, as long as the Expedition was on the move, a part of the daily routine was the measurement of latitude and longitude and the calculation of course, time, and distance of travel.

Who was in charge of the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

He also asked his friend Clark to co-command the expedition. Even though Clark was once Lewis’ superior, Lewis was technically in charge of the trip. But for all intents and purposes, the two shared equal responsibility. On July 5, 1804, Lewis visited the arsenal at Harper’s Ferry to obtain munitions.

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