How big was the original Kit Cat Clock?

How big was the original Kit Cat Clock?

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Color Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH 3 x 3.25 x 8.26 inches
Shape Cat
Item Weight 0.59 Pounds
Are Batteries Included No

What year did the cat clock come out?

During the height of The Great Depression, the Kit-Cat clock was first invented in 1932 in Oregon by designer Earl Arnault (1904-1971). The Allied Clock Company was founded in Portland, Oregon to manufacture these uniquely animated pendulum clocks.

How do you wind a Kit Kat clock?

Tip 1: If the clock is hanging on the wall, usually it needs a little forward tilt. This brings the magnet above the tail closer to the motor inside the clock, to use the full power and life of the batteries. Pull the head out about 1/2″ from the wall, then give the tail a push to one side to start it.

Is the Kit Cat clock loud?

Question: How loud is it? Answer: The Classic Black Kitty Clock is not loud at all.

Why did my Kit Kat clock stop working?

A clock may slow and stop because the small Philips head screw securing the lever, or pendulum, is over tightened. Back the screw off 1/2 turn, and usually the clock then animates correctly. This screw is found immediately to the left of the pendulum pivot point, which is above the batteries in the middle of the clock.

Does the Kit Kat clock tick?

I loved this clock at first. I got it because it reminded me of the vintage cat clocks I often saw in kitchens during my youth in the 60’s. It has a little tick tock sound while the tail is moving, but it didn’t bother me… Without the tail moving, it’s just another plastic clock.

How old is the Kit-Cat Clock?

Bringing Time To Life Since 1932 Kit-Cat Klocks have been around for over 80 years, becoming an indelible part of American history with their happy and catchy look. We’re dedicated to keeping this part of Americana alive by keeping the same look that’s survived since the 1950s.

Are Kit Kat Clocks silent?

How loud is it? Answer: The Classic Black Kitty Clock is not loud at all. As a matter of fact, I don’t mind the noise it makes.

Why is my cat clock not moving?

Be sure the tail is straight and tight so it’s not throwing the clock off balance (a loose tail requires more power). If the tail isn’t tight and setting exactly flat or square in the lever the animation will not work. Any movement where the tail and the lever come together will cause the animation to stop.

What batteries does Kit Kat clock take?

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Colour Black
Item weight 0.59 Pounds
Are batteries included No
Number of batteries 2 C batteries required.
Mounting type Wall Mount

Are Kit-Cat Klocks loud?

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