Does Afghanistan have any natural resources?

Does Afghanistan have any natural resources?

Afghanistan’s resources could make it one of the richest mining regions in the world. The major mineral resources include chromium, copper, gold, iron ore, lead and zinc, lithium, marble, precious and semiprecious stones, sulfur and talc among many other minerals.

Does Afghanistan have any oil reserves?

In 2011, the Afghan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum estimated that northern Afghanistan has about 1.95 billion barrels of undiscovered technically recoverable crude oil reserves and 16.2 trillion cubic feet of discovered natural gas reserves [9].

What resources are abundant in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan contains rich underground resources: gemstones, uranium, common metals, rare-earth metals and precious metals such as gold and silver. It also holds potentially valuable reserves of gas, oil and coal.

What kind of natural resources are there in Afghanistan?

These natural resources include things like coal, copper, natural gas, petroleum, gold, lithium, uranium, gold, rare earth elements, and arable land.

What was the value of minerals in Afghanistan in 2010?

In 2010, the USGS data attracted the attention of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO), which is entrusted with rebuilding Afghanistan. The task force valued Afghanistan’s mineral resources at $908 billion, while the Afghan government’s estimate is $3 trillion.

When was natural gas cut off from Afghanistan?

Ongoing hostilities, however, severely hampered this effort and finally cut off the natural gas export. By the mid-1990s there was little mineral or oil and gas extraction.

How big are the natural gas reserves in India?

According to an analysis of 12 basins across India, approximately 64 trillion cubic feet of risked recoverable resources are yet to be found. Thus, India holds at least 91 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas reserves. On top of conventional gas reserves, India also holds an estimated 63 trillion cubic feet of recoverable shale gas.

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