Does Afghanistan have an army?

Does Afghanistan have an army?

The Afghan security forces number more than 300,000, on paper at least. That includes the Afghan army, Air Force and police. But in reality the country has always struggled to meet its recruitment targets.

Why is drinking banned in Afghanistan?

In 2009, after news of the death of 125 civilians in air strikes, General Stanley McChrystal, the head of ISAF, tried to contact troop officials. After finding that some troops were unable to adequately respond to the incident because they were drunk, he banned alcohol from the US premises.

What makes Pakistan a strong country in the world?

Military. Pakistan has a strong military service. It protects Pakistan from foreign invasion. The military may not defend itself against world super powers, but it is strong enough to give a fight. Some highlights of military strength Economy. Pakistan has a weak economy. It has negative trade balance and massive debt.

How is Afghanistan doing as a low income country?

Expanded access to health, education, and infrastructure has seen rapid improvements in outcomes, with Afghanistan catching up with other low-income countries against key development indicators. While progress has been uneven, increased access to services and infrastructure has driven huge development gains.

Which is a strong country in the world?

Pakistan is a strong country. I would not talk about military strength, economic strength or human resource strength, but I would share incidents that I personally know. Sometimes small incidents that you yourselves witness give you more realization than big facts and figures.

Why does the World Bank need to invest in Afghanistan?

To ensure that benefits of agriculture and extractives led growth are maximized and widely shared, continued investment is required in human capital, regional connectivity, expanded infrastructure, and an improved business regulatory environment. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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