Can kids go to school in Afghanistan?

Can kids go to school in Afghanistan?

An estimated 3.7 million children are out-of-school in Afghanistan – 60% of them are girls. In some parts of the country, a shortage of schools and insufficient transportation are the main obstacles to education – a long walk to school means fewer children go.

How many years do kids go to school in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan – Education This is the highest illiteracy rate in Asia. Education is free at all levels. Primary education lasts for six years and is theoretically compulsory for 6 years, but only 53% of boys and 5% of girls were enrolled in elementary school in 2002. Boys and girls are schooled separately.

What is the education like in Afghanistan?

It is rare for Afghan children to drop out of school once they are enrolled. Approximately 85 percent of children who start primary school also finish primary school. Plus, nearly 94 percent of boys and 90 percent of girls who start secondary school also finish secondary school. Literacy rates are high in urban areas.

Are Afghanistan schools free?

Primary Education Two education systems exist in parallel in Afghanistan. Religious education is the responsibility of clerics at mosques, while the government provides free academic education at state schools.

What is the most dangerous place in Afghanistan?

Helmand Province
Since the 2001 War in Afghanistan, Helmand Province has been a hotbed of insurgent activities. It has been considered to be Afghanistan’s “most dangerous” province.

Is it compulsory for children in Afghanistan to go to school?

The Afghan government has not taken meaningful steps toward implementing national legislation that makes education compulsory. Although by law all children are required to complete class nine, the government has neither the capacity to provide this level of education to all children nor a system to ensure that all children attend school.

Are there more girls in school than boys in Afghanistan?

Analysis by the World Bank shows wide variation from province to province in the ratio of girls versus boys attending school, with the proportion of students who are girls falling in some provinces, such as Kandahar and Paktia. These disparities are mirrored in literacy statistics.

How many types of schools are there in Afghanistan?

The government’s failure to ensure that education is compulsory violates Afghanistan’s obligations under international law and is contrary to its international development commitments under the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Afghanistan’s primary and secondary education system consists of four main types of schools.

What was the education situation in Afghanistan in 2007?

The obstacles to education were even more numerous for Afghan girls. Afghanistan’s then Education Minister, Mohammad Hanif Atmar, said in 2007 that 60% of students were studying in tents or other unprotected structures, and some parents refused to let their daughters attend schools in such conditions.

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