Can girls go to school in Afghanistan now?

Can girls go to school in Afghanistan now?

Only 16 per cent of Afghanistan’s schools are girls-only, and many of them lack proper sanitation facilities, which further hinders attendance. In some parts of the country, a shortage of schools and insufficient transportation are the main obstacles to education – a long walk to school means fewer children go.

Are there schools in Afghanistan?

According to the Afghan Ministry of Education, there are approximately 18,000 schools across Afghanistan. …

At what age do they finish school in Afghanistan?

Education System in Afghanistan

Primary Primary School 7–13
Middle Maktabeh Motevaseteh 13–16
Secondary Doreyeh Aali 16–19
Vocational Vocational in Lower & Upper Middle School 13–19
Vocational Technicums 14–20

What are the class differences in Afghanistan society?

The societies like Afghanistan where the wealth has poured in without much accountability and weak check and balance system, the stratification has led to sufferings. The upper class in Afghanistan cannot be said to be in the form as it exists in an industrialized society. Rather, it includes the landlords,…

What kind of education system does Afghanistan have?

The school-aged population in Afghanistan is 6,650,000. In addition to the secular public education system, the traditional Islamic madrassa school system is functioning. At the madrassas, children study the Koran, the Hadith (Sayings of the Prophet Mohammad), and popular religious texts.

Who are the other ethnic groups in Afghanistan?

Some other ethnic groups of the country are Uzbeks, Tajiks, and Hazaras. In the traditional hierarchical system that constitutes the society, there are several groups and subgroups, based on population, power etc. Here is a glimpse of the structure.

When do you go to school in Afghanistan?

From age 7 to age 13 pupils attend primary schools where they learn the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic and their national culture. Three years of middle school follow where academic-style education continues. Students must pass an examination at the end of this phase if they wish to study further.

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