Best US Universities Offering Distance Education

Getting higher education is a dream for many students no matter what part of the globe they’re in. However, finding the right kind of university to join is often a big problem because people cannot always travel to different places or even afford to live on a university campus. Online learning offers the answer to this and other issues and that is why every student interested in studying at one of the best universities in the USA should be aware of which ones offer online degrees.

The Growing Popularity of Online Learning

Studying in the comfort of your own home is one of the biggest pulls towards online courses. This mode of education lets people benefit from their program without having to worry too much about day-to-day expenses. This also gives them more time for doing the necessary studying for their assignments. They can easily find a relevant research paper at Papersowl and submit a great assignment. There are other benefits too, of course. Some of these include:

  • Lower expenses as many online graduate programs cost less than traditional ones.
  • More choices as people from abroad can also access such studies.
  • Higher performance as shown in a 2010 report published by the Department of Education. It was found that online students performed better when compared to those taking physical classes.
  • Practicing more technical skills as well as developing personal skills like managing time and incorporating discipline into everyday life.
  • Gaining a global perspective by engaging with people from other countries and areas.

So, if you are looking for distance learning opportunities to gain an online degree, this list of the best universities offering online degrees in the U.S. is just what you need.

Universities With Online Degree Programs

●                Boston University

This is one of the greatest places where online programs are offered. Getting a diploma from this prestigious institution is sure to open many options of top jobs for students in New York or wherever you want to work. With a very vast network of international learners, it has a range of undergraduate, graduate, as well as doctoral subjects that you can study remotely.

●                John Hopkins University

John Hopkins brings disciplines like social sciences, engineering, medicine, computer sciences, and business to online students. The institution is highly regarded across the globe and having an online degree from it gives remote students the opportunity to get their hands on a professional diploma that they otherwise might not be able to get.

●                UCLA

The crown jewel of Los Angeles, UCLA is ranked very highly in global rankings, and for good reason. The institution has committed to providing excellent education to both physical and digital learners. If you’re looking to snag a degree in engineering, UCLA has a good number of subjects to check out.

●                Pennsylvania State University

For many years, this institute has been providing a wide range of distance learning opportunities to people. Before online courses, such studies were conducted via correspondence. Since 1998, however, the Penn State World Campus that the institution launched in 1998 has become an extensive platform for online studies. Today, learners from all over the globe experience what studying for leading online degrees is like.

●                New York University

NYU is one of the most popular U.S. institutions. If you cannot travel to NY to study at NYU, it has a variety of subjects to choose from. If you’re worried about the workload, use these steps when writing your thesis paper and you’ll do just fine. Some areas in which you can find your program include Business & Management, Engineering, and Computer Science.

●                University of Texas at Austin

This is another one of those universities that are known for developing and supporting a culture of leadership among online students as well as those attending physical classes. It has various industry partnerships, giving each student the chance to kick-start their career. You’ll be able to find an online degree among its catalog of subjects if you’re planning to be a future engineer.

●                University of Maryland

This is a highly respected institution in the country and is a very good choice for anyone looking for an online degree. It has had long-term partnerships with private companies and the government as well so the research you do can be turned into practical innovation. There is a good collection of subjects to browse, so you’ll find something to pursue here with ease.

●                University of Pittsburgh

One more institute that is buzzing with history, this one has also embraced the idea of online education to inspire and train leaders and thinkers of tomorrow. Considered one of the greatest universities in the country, this one has plenty of subjects for online learners to select from.


With distance education becoming so popular, not only among foreign scholars but also local ones, it is no surprise that more and more educational institutions are providing such opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow. Even though each place might not have a plethora of options you can pursue over the internet, the collection is still quite healthy. And while they may not be free, these courses should generally cost less than in-person ones. This list of the best options when it comes to distance studies is the perfect place to be if you are looking to expand your knowledge in the most convenient way possible.

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