7 Stunning Halo Engagement Rings Trends You Should Consider for the Coming Holiday Season

The halo engagement rings are among the first types of rings you’ll hear about when you begin the time-honored tradition of shopping for an engagement ring. Some jewelers and fashion observers refer to this as “the halo craze” because of how fashionable this style has become in recent years. In addition, you can spot the halo style in the engagement rings of Jessica Beil, Kate Middleton, Natalie Portman, Cardi B, and Sofia Vergara.

With the upcoming holiday season in mind, we have compiled some of the halo engagement ring trends you should consider before you determine if one is perfect for you as an engagement ring.

Halo Engagement Ring Overview

Halo rings are characterized by a ring’s center stone surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds or other jewels. While this setting is often seen with diamonds, it is also possible to use it with other jewels. For example, consider Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, which is not a diamond but a sapphire set in a halo of diamonds. In addition to diamonds, you can set any gemstone you like in a halo design.

Usually, a pave setting is used for the halo. The French term “pave” means “paved” or “paving” in English. This setting style features tiny diamonds set near one another, giving the impression of a paved or cobblestone path. Diamond rings and other diamond jewelry frequently use pavé settings. Smaller diamonds are typically utilized for the setting, so the added sparkle doesn’t come at a high expense. While Pavé is the most common material for the halo setting, it is by no means the only option.

7 Stunning Halo Engagement Rings Trends You Should Consider

The halo may sound like a definite type, but there are quite a few variants available, giving you plenty of opportunity for creativity. The shape of the halo that surrounds the centerpiece stone might vary. The band can be straight, twisted, or double-ringed, and the central diamond can be round, square, or emerald-cut.

And, of course, you can make your halo engagement ring unique by selecting your preferred diamond cut for the center stone. Based on that one distinguishing feature, you can choose from a wide array of styles, such as the more traditional round halo engagement rings or, the more modern cushion cut halo engagement rings. Both pear and oval-shaped halo engagement rings are on the rise in popularity. This article is a quick reference for the upcoming holiday season’s most popular halo engagement ring trends –

1.      Classic Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

In this type of ring, a single ring of diamonds encircles the focal stone. The diamonds are put in a prong setting in a classic halo engagement ring and have a more conventional pave cut. Pave settings resemble paved streets because of the proximity of the tiny diamonds. In addition, the metal is obscured by the diamonds.

Although any shape can be used for a halo, the most common style features a circular setting with a brilliant round gem in the center.

2.      Falling Edge Pavé Halo Rings 

This spectacular diamond halo ring features a Pavé that spills over the band’s outer border, producing a dazzling effect similar to fireworks. It will be a show-stopper when set with the diamond or gemstone of your choice.

3.      Pavé Halo Split Shank Rings 

The angle of the split shank gives it a flattering look. One beautiful diamond ring can provide the impression of a bridal set (two rings) without the hefty price tag. With its pavé under gallery, halo, and diamonds placed along both shanks, a split-shank band is the epitome of luxury.

4.      Flower Halo Rings 

Enhance the concept by designing the ring’s head and stones to evoke a floral motif.

Cluster diamond engagement rings in the shape of a flower are popular. Flower halo engagement rings have a huge center stone surrounded by multiple smaller diamonds placed in a flower-like arrangement, rather than a single diamond as in a solitaire setting.

5.      Hidden Halo Rings

An engagement ring with a halo of diamonds that is not visible when viewed from above is called a hidden halo ring. Perhaps it could even pass for a more typical solitaire table. But if you look at the ring at an angle, you can make out the halo that was hiding in plain sight the whole time. This one-of-a-kind mounting was designed to maximize the ring’s sparkle no matter the direction the light comes from.

6.      Petite Pavé Halo Rings

Petite pavé settings are identical to standard pavé settings, except that the prongs used to secure the diamonds are significantly smaller. Smaller prongs are used in this setting to highlight the smaller diamonds. People frequently confuse petite pavé with micro-pavé. The notable distinction between the two is that micro pavé emphasizes the diamond’s actual size. In contrast, the smaller prongs of a tiny pavé setting draw attention to the diamond.

7.      Petite French Double Halo Ring

The “fishtail pave” is a common name for this design. Two rows of synthetic diamonds sparkle in this miniature French double halo ring. The diamonds in a ring with a Petite French pavé setting are pronged into V-shaped notches in the band. The halo is framed by two glittering rows that ascend from the beautiful shank.

Find The Perfect Halo Engagement Rings Trends You Need

The ideal situation would be to acquire an engagement ring that is both beautiful and affordable for the love of your life. Don’t make a hasty choice. Affordable halo rings can be found in a wide variety of styles.

Allow yourself some time to shop around and look at other rings. This will allow you to shop for the ring that you feel fits your price range. You don’t have to spend more money on an engagement ring just because the diamond appears more “perfect” on paper if you locate an affordable diamond ring and the diamond appears clean and lovely in person or through a video. Any ring that is pleasing to the eye will do.

The cost of a unique diamond ring need not be exorbitant. If you desire your future wife to be completely speechless when you pop the question, a halo ring design is a way to go.

Final Words

The fire, sparkle, and low price of halo engagement rings are ideal. In addition, the halo makes up for a smaller center stone compared to some other designs by making the diamond shine out more and making the ring look larger on the wearer’s finger . This is an excellent option for cost-conscious individuals who do not want to sacrifice style.

In addition to enhancing the piece’s overall appearance, a halo can enhance the appearance of the central diamond to be up to a half-carat larger. A halo engagement ring, however, is just one of many available choices.

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