5 Tips for Dressing Up on a Night Out

On your next night out, get dressed quickly and fashionably by following these tips

Do you have a night out with the girls or the lads planned soon? If the first thing that comes to your mind is worrying about your wardrobe and what you will wear, then this article is for you. Avoid last minute dressing stress by following these helpful tips. After all, fashion is one of the best ways we can express ourselves and show the world who we are, so it’s quite important. Read on to learn more!

#1- Dress for the Season  

The first thing to remember when embarking on a night with friends is that your outfit should be appropriate to the season and current temperatures. In winter, even if you think the climate is calling for a sundress because it was a bit warm during the day, night temps will drop dramatically when the sun goes down. In this scenario, it’s better to be the safe side and wear layers. At the same time, in warmer summer weather, don’t underestimate the night breeze and still carry a light jacket with you. If you’re someone who frequently complains of being cold when out and about, don’t leave the threshold of your door without a cover up.

#2- Know Your Setting

One of the most important tips for those that are struggling with what to wear on a night out is this: think about your setting. Consider the ambiance of your ultimate destination and choose your clothes accordingly. For example, if you have a night out to the casino planned, you might want to dress a bit fancier than normal. Even though many gaming establishments don’t have dress codes, the general look and feel of casinos is glamorous. Either way, in this situation it’s important to research the casino beforehand to understand etiquette codes and what may be expected of visitors. Another example is a live show. Here, depending on the type of music or performance, a specific style of outfit may be expected. Let’s just say you shouldn’t wear the same thing to a rock n’ roll concert that you would to an opera performance. You get the gist. 

#3- Choose Practical Shoes

Have you ever been out on the town with high heels and found yourself desperately regretting your footwear decision halfway through the night? Next time you head out, don’t sacrifice comfort for fashion; instead, choose something stylish and wearable. This is another part of knowing the setting that you’re walking into, as a concert will require you to be on your feet a lot and moving around constantly. In this case, it’s best to go with well-fitting shoes that aren’t new and do not need breaking in. If you must wear heels, do yourself a favor and pack a pair of comfier shoes to change into later.

While high heels are stylish, it can be helpful to consider the night you have planned before donning them in order to avoid discomfort

#4- Pick the Right Purse

Speaking of packing, no outfit is really complete without the right purse to match. However, sometimes it can be a drag to carry a purse the entire night. This causes many people to opt for small clutch-like wallets that only hold the essentials like credit cards and ID. But since the purse is really one of the most important accessories, don’t skimp on it! Instead, try out one of these options that work for every type of occasion, whether you plan on going out dancing, to a fancy dinner, or just the to the bar next door.

#5- Be Bold!

As stated before, the clothes you choose to wear are an outward expression of your inward personality, so don’t be afraid to be bold in your individual style. After you consider the season and setting, everything after that is up to you – so, be creative. Go all out with bright colors and loud prints if that’s what you like or opt for more neutral shades if they suit you better. The world is your runway, so rock it and rock it hard!

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