10 easy steps to make a thesis statement for a research paper

One of the common questions we often get about academic tasks has to do with thesis statements. For many people, the process of writing a good thesis claim is a secret. Are you among them? Using our extensive experience of creating papers, we want to offer you 10 easy steps that will help you with delivering a perfect thesis paper for a research paper. Get ready for some great advice!

Step 1. Create a clear outline of your paper

Paper? Don’t be surprised. Good students can clearly understand what a paper is about before they write any thesis. A thesis reflects the key ideas of your paper. Essentially, in one sentence you have to deliver the main idea of your multiple-hour work. Consequently, every professional at first creates an outline for their essay before transitioning to any thesis formation. The structure of the arguments you have in the outline can then help create one of the key parts for the thesis. Regrettably, we have seen many essays where theses do not correspond to the key arguments. Don’t risk joining that collection.

Step 2. Write your essay

Yes, you read us right again. Once you have a clear outline, the task should be fairly easy. Every assignment that is written well must have a good structure and should never have an introduction produced before the rest of the text. Why? Once again, because you need to create a correct thesis for your paper and not something completely distanced from reality. The best way to write a thesis is to prepare a full-scale paper from scratch before it.

Step 3. Make sure that every paragraph has a topic sentence

Another important thing to do is to ensure that all your paragraphs have clear ideas. For example, if you review different business services in your research and offer a paragraph per service, it is a good idea to present some overall descriptions of them in the first sentences of the paragraphs. In short, a person who is reading your paper should be able to quickly understand the key claims by reading the first sentences. Such a structure is one of the best ways to get great reviews for your papers.

Step 4. Identify the main claim of your paper

You finally have your paper. What should you do next? We recommend people review their key arguments in the presented case. Take a look at all of your topic sentences. What do you see? What claims arise? What are the general conclusions that stem from them? For example, if you write about college stress, does your research generally indicate that students buy more antidepressants? Do you perform a study of GPU prices? Then, identify whether you find their prices cheap and present the best device. Generally, one of the key things that great writers do is have a clear idea of their main statement. Why? Without having a good structure, you will never have a proper way to determine your claims.

Step 5. Identify the key reasons why your claim works

Have you identified one or two main claims in your paper? Take a look at the ways you can justify it. Once again, your paper outline and topic sentences should be of great assistance here. This element is the second key ingredient of a good thesis statement. That’s why every writer must have a proper structure. As you may see, there is a clear connection between thesis structure and your paper in general. All of the claims present in the thesis statement must find their place in your paper. Still have troubles? You can order an academic paper from some essay writing businesses online. For example, CustomWritings can provide you with research paper services of the highest quality. Using their help, you can easily learn how to write good thesis statements via personalized papers.

Step 6. Narrow down the number of claims and justifications

Once you have identified the things we have described, a good idea is to trim down the number of claims and justifications for them. Let’s take a look at an example:

  • Statement: English writing companies do not have enough expert writers.
  • Justifications: overall culture of English writing falls; people prefer to see writing as a free time art; the USA markets have extremely strong demand for writers; website format requires tremendous time expenditures.

If you put all of those statements into your thesis, it can prove to be too long. However, careful trimming of information can assist with making a quality thesis. Generally, the idea is not to put everything together. You can have a 20-page research paper. Getting all ideas together can be a genuinely bad idea in this case.

Step 7. Learn the proper structure

You might have already guessed the structure. It has the following look in this case:

  1. Claim: English writing companies do not have enough expert writers;
  2. Connecting word: because, since, or as;
  3. Justification: UK and US markets have extremely strong demand for top writers capable of writing original papers.

The overall look of our thesis is the following: English companies do not have enough expert writers because USA markets have a strong demand for top experts capable of writing original papers.

Step 8. Write your thesis statement

Now that you know the structure, don’t hesitate. Write your thesis statement. You have all the tools. All you need to do is act. Once you have sufficient material and preparation, the process of writing a good thesis is unlikely to take more than 5 to 10 minutes. Just think well about the wording.

Step 9. Proofread your thesis statement

A good idea is to also make sure that there are no errors. Thesis statements are usually the first thing that instructors and general audiences read. Thus, if you have some errors there, you can make a very bad impression. Utilize Grammarly and other spell-checking services. Check for repetitions too. Reread at least several times over a course of some days. A good thesis requires good proofreading.

Step 10. Check whether others understand it

A good idea to see whether your thesis statement is great is to test it on others. For example, you can read it to the following groups:

  1. Friends;
  2. Peers;
  3. Parents;
  4. Partners.

The less a person knows about your topic, the better. A good thesis must be understandable for the people who do not work in your field.

All in all, writing a thesis statement is easy. All you have to do is approach the issue in an organized fashion.


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